Fathers Day 2020

As fathers and sons, we all wish to do something special for father’s day. As times change and society advances so do the way we celebrate Father’s Day. Some customs change, but the sentiment stays the same – to demonstrate our love and make this day special for our fathers. At its heart, Fathers Day is about a family with a focus on dad. It should not be about expensive gifts but rather family values and a recognition of Dad’s contribution to the family. From a personal point of view, it’s about Dad’s relationship with you, his son or daughter. This is a day to say thanks with little things like hand made crafts, a handwritten Fathers Day card, a photo album or something else personal. Breakfast in bed, a nice gift, and a lovely Fathers Day dinner are also welcome but not the main reason or message behind Fathers Day. Throughout history, we see the roles that father’s play in the family change. The stereotype father is the one who has been out working all day to provide all necessities for their family. Times have however changed and not all fathers work. Many have taken the responsibility of raising the children while the mother works.

In this world we only have the opportunity to have one father and that alone shows us how important celebrating his fatherhood is. As with any other job done, we all like to feel appreciated from time to time and the job of being a father is no exception. He has been there all through your life helping you along the way. Whatever the situation, Fathers Day is about honoring Dad, for all that he has given and continued to contribute to the family. Fathers Day 2020 is all about Dads and Grandads. This site is dedicated to bringing you fresh ideas for activities and gifts to make Fathers Day 2020 special.

What is Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. In Catholic Europe, it has been celebrated on March 19 (St. Joseph’s Day) since the Middle Ages. This celebration was brought by the Spanish and Portuguese to Latin America, where March 19 is often still used for it, though many countries in Europe and the Americas have adopted the U.S. date, which is the third Sunday of June (falling June 17 in 2020). It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March, April, and June. It complements similar celebrations honoring family members, such as Mother’s Day, Siblings Day and Grandparents Day.

Father’s Day History

A father is the one who has not given you birth, but he is the one who has given you your identity. He is the one who teaches you what is right and wrong and brings you up with all the essential values so that you become a good human being. He is supposed to be the head of the family who takes care of everyone. He works and earns for his family and kids. So, to honor him and his selfless love bestowed upon his kids, Father’s Day is celebrated by people in the world.

Father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of every year in every part of the world. But, this does not mean that it is celebrated as a public holiday. It is a day to make your father special. Many people believe there is a particular Father’s day history. This day has been celebrated since over for more than 5000 years ago. This day was celebrated in the United States first and foremost in the country. The concept of Father Day came on the scene after the celebration of Mother’s Day. People felt that a similar day can be accounted for to make the father also feel special. This day did not gain that much popularity in its beginning but slowly became an important date in the life of people with time. Father’s day history differs from country to country. There are different theories and reasons for different places. But, it is celebrated with the same amount of enthusiasm in every part of the country. People generally gift their fathers with the things they want or their favorite things this day. This has become the present date’s trend, but doing anything that pleases your father and makes him feel happy is equal to presenting a gift. The Father’s day history is commendable. So, every person must know about it and celebrate it wholeheartedly. So, this Father’s Day makes your father special as he deserves that.

When is Happy Father’s Day 2020 Date?

Father’s Day occurs every year on the Third Sunday of the June in India but the dates keep on changing. The present date of Father’s Day for the year 2020 falls on the 16th June whereas, for the last year, the occasion was celebrated on 17th June 2020. There is no such global standard for the celebration of Father’s Day through fathers day gifts on a particular date. It varies from one country to another, while countries like India, USA, UK, Japan, Pakistan, and others celebrate the occasion on the Third Sunday in June, some countries have their own special dates for the same. Below is the list of the countries that celebrate the Father’s Day on various dates.

Father’s Day Dates

Year Date
When was father’s day 2018? 17 June
When was father’s day 2019? 16 June
When is father’s day 2020? 21 June
When is father’s day 2021? 20 June
When is father’s day 2022? 19 June
When is father’s day 2023? 18 June
When is father’s day 2024? 16 June
When is father’s day 2025? 15 June
When is father’s day 2026? 21 June
When is father’s day 2027? 20 June
When is father’s day 2028? 18 June
When is father’s day 2029? 17 June
When is father’s day 2030? 18 June

Happy Father’s Day Wishes 2020

Hey, there are you looking for some of the best and Most Beautiful Happy Fathers Day Wishes? then you are at the right place, We Father’s Day 2020 have published some of the best and Most Beautiful Happy Fathers day Wishes especially for you

  • Happy Father’s Day! I want to tell you How much you mean to me Bcoz you are always Thought about in such a special way, And do so much to brighten any day. Wish you a Happy Fathers Day.
  • Happy father’s day to the superhero who could have moved mountains for my happiness.
  • “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works…” (Matthew 5:16). Thank you for the example you always set for me and everyone around you. God bless you on Father’s Day.
  • No matter how many boys come into my life, Daddy you will always be the first man I have ever loved. I love you so much. Happy Father’s Day
  • I’m sorry I am not able to spend this day with you. But guess what Dad, I am sending you lots of warm hugs, nonstop kisses and unlimited supply of love for eternity. Happy Father’s day.
  • Do you remember the last time you expressed gratitude towards your father for all that he has done for you? Inveterately, fathers have been taken for granted and they have never complained about it. Even as you realize that your father has lovingly ignored your silly mistakes, been generous to your faults while providing you with unconditional love Fathers Day Gifts Ideas

  • Happy Father’s Day means More than flowers and gifts It means saying Thank You It means saying I Love You You are the best dad, and my best friend Today is your day. Fathers Day Poems
  • The relation between a father and a daughter is very special. For a father, there is no difference as such between a son and a daughter, but the father-daughter relation has its own charm. This relationship contains all the emotions possible – love, affection, sadness, happiness, protectiveness, possessiveness and all in its purest form.
  • Day, whenever I am in trouble or in need of guidance, you are the one that I look up to. Thanks for everything.
  • Thank You, Dad, For being my pillar of strength and Fountain of wisdom Thank You for everything you are. Life is more beautiful when you are around. Happy Fathers Day!
  • When my knee got a cut, or there’s a bump on my head; when I feared the darkness or something under my bed; I didn’t need to call any other, because you were there beside me my father. Happy Father’s Day!

  • You always gave me hope, and you vowed never to stop, thank you for everything. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day.
  • No gift of gestures can show the amount of love and respect I have for you, You were, you are and you will be the best dad ever for me in life. Happy Father’s Day Happy Fathers Day Quotes
  • There are zillion reasons for loving your dads and just one special day to commemorate him i.e., Father’s Day. Occasions such as Father’s Day are an adorable and unusual way of telling your father how much he is loved, cared and wanted. Fatherhood indeed is bliss and nothing can match up to the joy of a father holding his little one on his lap, watching him grow and someday fit into his boots.
    Father's Day 2019
    Father’s Day 2020
  • Here’s a little song to say “Happy, happy Father’s day!” No one’s Father is so sweet. Your kind ways just can’t be beat. Happy happy Father’s day; I love you in a big way! With Love on Father’s Day
  • Saying “Happy Father’s Day” doesn’t quite cover it. I also want to thank you for the sleepless nights, teeth-gritting, and tongue-biting. But most of all the love I have felt every single day of my life.
  • God gave me the greatest gift I ever had, God gave me a best friend in the form of my dad. Father’s Day wishes for a dad who is one in a million! Happy Father’s Day means more than flowers and gifts
  • You showed me the first love, Seen me growing, From my mom’s womb, To until I stood on myself, You are so sweet daddy! Happy Father’s Day!
  • You’ve seen me laugh, You’ve seen me cry.And always you were there for meI may not have always said itBut, today is the day to say it loud.‘I Love You Dad’You are too special.
  • Dad, you may not know it all but you do teach everything you know. Love you!
  • You are the most important person in my life. You provided protection and care and brought stability to my life. Wishing a happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the world.
  • Happy Father’s Day! I want to tell you How much you mean to me Bcoz you are always Thought about in such a special way, And do so much to brighten any day. Wish you a Happy Fathers Day.

  • Dad, you are my best friend, my guide, and my teacher. You have always been there when I needed you the most. Wishing you a very happy Father’s Day.
  • Your support and encouragement have boosted me to aim for the sky Today, I want to thank you For all that you have done for me!
  • You are my hero dad Thanks for being my pillar of strength All through
  • It is easier for a father to have children then, for children to have a real father. I’m glad to have u Dad, Happy Father’s Day means More than flowers and gifts It means saying Thank You It means saying I Love You You are the best dad and my best friend Today is your day.

  • It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father. I’m glad to have u dad. HAPPY FATHERS DAY
  • When I die. don’t come near my body dad. Bcoz my hand may not come 2 wipe ur tear of that time. Happy fathers day.
  • Daddy, ur da best, although u live in da west, stay da way ur while ur driving ur sports car. Dad… u have an understanding heart… & a source of strength dats amazing U have it all! Happy Father’s Day 2 SUPER DAD!
  • I may be able to outgrow you in height one day but I will never be able to outgrow the tall contribution you have made in my life as a father. Thank you.

Happy Father’s Day Quotes Sayings

    • Happy Happy FaDr’s Day
      Here’s A Little Song 2 Say
      “Happy, Happy FaDr’s Day”
      No One’s FaDr Is So Sweet.
      Ur Kind Ways Just Can’t Be Beat.
      Happy Happy FaDr’s Day;
      I Love U In A Big Way!! happy faDr’s day 2020

    • I know just D person who needs “101 Ways 2 Be a Great Dad”. Don’t
      worry it isn’t u! Happy FaDr’s Day! 2020

    • We Nvr Know D Love Of A Parent
      Till We Become Parents Ourselves!!
      Do Love Ur Parents!
      Happy FaDr’s Day…2020

    • A FaDr means so many things…
      An understnding heart,
      A source of strength & support right from D very start.
      Happy FaDr’s Day 2020

    • Thanks 4 being Dre through D tears,
      laughter nd dirty diapers.
      Happy FaDr’s Day!.2020

    • Thanks 4 being a great dad 2 us!.
      Ur memories will alwz live in D very core of my heart.
      I miss u Daddy ….
      Happy FaDr’s day!.2020

    • Every moDr generally hopes dat her daughter will snag a better husbnd
      than she managed 2 do …. but.
      she’s certain dat her boy will nvr
      get as great a wife as his faDr did. happy faDr’s day 2020


    • It is easier 4 a faDr
      2 have children than 4 children 2 have a real faDr.
      I’m glad 2 have u dad.
      HAPPY FADRS DAY.2020

    • I feel safe wen u are wid me
      u show me fun things 2 do
      u make my life much better
      D best faDr I know is u. happy faDr’s day 2020

    • In happiness, in sorrow
      u were alwz Dre 4 me
      I may not have alwz said it
      But, it’s D day 2 say it loud.
      ‘I Love U Dad’
      Happy FaDrs Day! 2020

    • Wen i die.
      don’t come near my body dad..
      Becoz my hnd may not come 2 wipe ur tears
      of dat time..
      Happy faDrs day..2020.

    • Happy FaDrs Day
      Happy FaDrs day means more than have a happy day
      It means i love u 1st of all
      Dn thanks 4 all u do
      It means u mean a lot 2 me
      & dat I honor u. happy faDr’s day 2020

    • Some things are just better
      D way Dy are.
      Just like u!
      Happy FaDrs Day 2020

    • Ur guiding hnd on my shoulder,
      Will remain wid me 4ever.
      Thanks 4 alwz being Dre Papa.
      Happy FaDr’s Day!2020

    • u are every thing 2 me
      Whom i can shre my all secrets
      u are alwz Dre 2 help me
      May u live long.

    • Daddy u are D best
      although u live in D west
      stay D way u are
      while ur driving ur sports car. happy faDr’s day 2020


    • Daddy, I Love u
      4 all dat u do.
      I’ll kiss u nd hug u
      Cause u love me, 2o. happy faDr’s day 2020

    • Daddy’s hnds were soft & kind
      wen I was crying
      Daddy’s hnds were hrd as steel
      wen I’d done wrong,
      Daddy’s hnds weren’t alwz gentle,
      but I’ve come 2 understnd…
      Dre was alwz love in Daddy’s hnds happy faDr’s day 2020

    • u are D best. I love u so much.
      I don’t think dat even if I searched D world 4 years & years nd years
      I would find someone dat is as caring,
      as thoughtful, as hrdworking as u.
      I love u. Happy FaDr’s Day 2020

    • So many wonderful moments we have spent 2geDr,
      Thinking of u faDr brings memories 2 mind,
      I love u so much.
      Happy FaDrs Day! 2020

    • 4 D best dad who alwz had a smile 4 me.
      Though we may be far apart right now,
      But here’s a big hug & kiss 4 u
      2 let u know how special u are
      Happy FaDr’s Day! 2020

    • I know just D person who needs “101 Ways 2 be a Great Dad”. Don’t
      worry it is not u! Happy FaDrs’Day!

    • If D relationship of faDr 2 son could really be reduced 2 biology,
      D whole earth would blaze wid D glory of faDrs nd sons.
      Happy faDr’s day.2020

    • God gave me D greatest gift I ever had,
      God gave me D best friend in D 4m of my dad.
      FaDrs Day wishes 4 a dad who is one in a million! happy faDr’s day 2020

    • My faDr used 2 play wid my broDr nd me in D yard. MoDr would come out nd say, U’re tearing up D grass. We’re not raising grass, Dad would reply. We’re raising boys. happy faDr’s day 2020

    • Thank u 4 being a great dad 2 us! Ur memories will alwz live in D very core of my heart. I miss u Daddy…Happy FaDr’s day! 2020

    • Daddy u are D best, Although u live in D west. Stay D way u are, While ur driving ur sports car. U couldn’t be a better dad Oh yeah, don’t go driving around mad I love u 4 ever Coz u’r really clever Even though i puss nd shove
      Happy FaDrs Day 2020


    • Making D decision 2 have a child is momen2us. It is 2 decide 4ever 2 have ur heart
      Go walking around outside ur body. happy faDr’s day 2020

    • Dad, ur guiding hnd on my shoulder will remain wid me 4ever. happy faDr’s day 2020

    • 4 D best dad who alwz had a smile 4 me.
      Though we may be far apart right now,
      But here’s a big hug nd kiss 4 u
      2 let u know how special u are
      Happy FaDr’s Day!2020

    • It kills u 2 see Dm grow up. But I guess it would kill u quicker if Dy didn’t. happy faDr’s day 2020

    • D faDr who does not teach his son his duties is equally guilty wid D son who neglects Dm. happy faDr’s day 2020

    • A truly rich man is one whose children run in2 his arms wen his hnds are empty.

    • Dad ur guiding hnd on my shoulder Will remain wid me 4ever. Happy FaDr’s Day

    • Dad u are nvr wrong D only time u are wrong Is wen u think, I 4got about u. Love u Dad! happy faDr’s day 2020

    • Dad, wishing u a box of happiness 2day, 2morrow nd alwz Wid all my love! Happy FaDrs Day! 2020

    • Happy FaDr’s Day means More than flowers nd gifts It means saying Thank U It means saying I Love U U are D best dad, nd my best friend 2day is ur day. happy faDr’s day 2020

    • Great Msg About Dad :
      A Great Man Who
      Spares His Life
      Hides His Feelings
      Ignores His Happiness
      Accepts D Struggle
      So Don’t Hurt Ur Lovely Dad
      Think About Him !’ happy faDr’s day 2020

    • Which is D most confusing day in America?
      FADR’S DAY!!
      80% don’t know whom 2 wish.
      Nd rest 20% r scared someone will come & wish Dm. happy faDr’s day 2020

Happy Fathers Day Messages 2020

  • Happy Fathers Day Messages 2020:-  We Should make each effort to make happy our dad on this opportunity. On the occasion of Happy fathers day 2020, we should spend special and more quality time with our dad by trying to make him smile, and relax. An ideal son or daughter would always be thinking to do best for their father
  • To the world’s greatest dad from the world’s greatest kids. Have an amazing Father’s Day, Love [ your names ].
  • Thank you for the comfort of knowing that whatever goes wrong, I have a dad who can fix it (unless it’s a leaky tap).
  • The efforts you make all of the time for our family can never be fully thanked for. Even when you are tired, you never fail to play with our children! To a wonderful man, I hope you know how much we love you. Happy father’s day!
  • Nobody compares to you Dad! You are the best father that a kid could ever ask for. I am thankful to God for providing me a Dad as wonderful as you. Love

  • I know We don’t say this often enough, but we want to thank you for everything that you do for us and most importantly that we love you.
  • Against all philosophies, sciences, counsels, logic, reasoning and self-motivation books, is that one smile from you that fills me with such energy as to make me feel like I can do everything possible and impossible.
  • I wish I could have come up with the best things to say to you! I appreciate everything you have done for me. The best words I can find for you is that I love you with all my heart! Thank you for being there every day with all the love and help I have ever needed. All the best to you Dad!

  • If there is one complaint I want to make with God is that He didn’t give me enough big words to talk about you and express my love for you 🙂 Happy Father’s Day!
  • Every time I reflect on one of my life’s accomplishments, I can’t help but realize that I achieved it because of something you taught me. Happy Father’s Day!
  • For all the help, love and support you gave us, We really appreciate it 🙂 Happy Father’s Day!
  • “You’re the most loving Dad ever. Love You Dad for everything you have given me!” Fathers Day HD Wallpapers
  • Happy Father’s Day dad – Whenever mom says NO, I used to ask you for a Big Yes. You were always there when I needed you the most. Your love was never ending and I love you so very much.
  • It’s SUPER DAD! Faster than a speeding lawn mower, more powerful than a pickle jar lid, able to leap long “honey do” lists in a single bound! So get out of that phone booth and have a great Father’s Day.
  • “Dad, you are my hero and my role model. Thanks for being here for me and being a great example.” Fathers Day Inspirational Messages
  • “Thank you for being there every day with just the love and guidance I’ve needed. Everything you’ve taught me has stuck with me and I’m lucky to have a dad like you.”
  • I am indeed blessed to have Someone like you as my father On this special day I’d like to thank you for everything You are my hero dad. I Love You. Happy Fathers Day
  • “There’s no possible way I could pay you back for all that you have done for me growing up, but I greatly appreciate all your hard work raising me. I wouldn’t be who I am today without you.”

It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father. I’m glad to have u dad. HAPPY FATHERS DAY Thank you for being a great dad to us! Your memories will always live in the very core of my heart. I miss you, Daddy…


Thanks for being there through the tears, laughter and dirty diapers. Happy Father’s Day! If the relationship of father to son could really be reduced to biology, the whole earth would blaze with the glory of fathers and sons. The greatest gift I ever had Came from God; I call him Dad! You may be out of sight but you’re always in my mind. Happy Father’s Day A Father means so many things. An understanding heart, A source of strength and support right from the very start.


Some things are just better the way they are like you!


Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.

You’ve seen me laugh You’ve seen me cry And always you were there with me I may not have always said it But thanks and I love you Happy Father’s Day

Happy Fathers Day Quotes 2020

  • By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong.  – Charles Wadsworth
  • It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons. – Johann Schiller
  • Any man can be a father. But it takes someone truly special to be a dad. Happy Father’s Day!

Ruth E. Renkel “Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.”

  • It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father. – Pope John XXIII
  • The greatest gift that I ever had from God is someone who I call Dad. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Dear Dad, thanks for never abandoning our family, especially when things were getting crazy, especially when I was the cause of most of the craziness. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Fanny Fern, Fresh Leaves “To her, the name of father was another name for love.”
  • Life was a lot simpler when what we honored was father and mother rather than all major credit cards. – Robert Orben
  • Dad, thank you for being an amazing support system and for giving me strength when I have needed it. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Clarence Budington Kelland “My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.”
  • I can definitely say the older I’ve got the better I’ve become at being a dad and a husband. – Rod Stewart
  • At the end of each day, I have always known that I could count on you. Thank you, Dad, for being someone that I could always depend on. Happy Father’s Day!
  • I may not say it enough, but thank you, Dad. For everything that you do for us. Happy Father’s Day.
  • “A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you have grown.”
  • Being a father helps me be more responsible… you see more things than you’ve ever seen.– Kid Rock
  • Dads are ordinary men who are turned by fatherhood into the best heroes, adventurers, and storytellers all rolled into one. Thanks for being a great dad. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Sigmund Freud “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.”
  • I pray to be a good servant to God, a father, a husband, a son, a friend, a brother, an uncle, a good neighbor, a good leader to those who look up to me, a good follower to those who are serving God and doing the right thing. – Mark Wahlberg
  • The best thing that a father can do for his children is to love their mother. Thank you dad, for being a wonderful father to our family. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Anne Geddes “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad.”
  • When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry. – Yiddish Proverb
  • Umberto Eco “I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by the little scraps of wisdom.” My dad is a protector, the guardian of our family, a great friend to have, and someone that I will always look up to and respect. Happy Father’s Day, dad.
  • When my father didn’t have my hand . . . he had my back. – Linda Poindexter
  • Johann Friedrich von Schiller “It is not flesh and blood, but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.”
  • There will always be a few people who have the courage to love what is untamed inside us. One of those men is my father. – Alison Lohman
  • The greatest gift I ever had Came from God; I call him Dad! Author Unknown
  • When I was younger, I thought I had it all figured out. I didn’t always understand your rules or why things had to be a certain way. I thought I knew it all. Now that I am older, I understand that you were just looking out for me and my best interests. Thank you Dad, for being such a great father. Happy Father’s Day.
  • Reed Markham “The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations he sets not only for himself, but for his family.” Dad, sometimes I drive you crazy and sometimes you drive me a little crazy too. We are just a pair of nuts from the same tree! But you are still the best dad that I could have ever hoped for. Happy Father’s Day!
  • The gift of a Father cannot been seen by our eyes, yet he sacrificed his every breath, sweat and everything to comfort us, his family – King Tony .S.Singh

Father’s Day Quotes from Daughter

Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020

Father’s Day Quotes from Daughter

  • To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.
  • My dad is my best friend, my father, and my boss. When I do something that is exciting and he likes it, it feels three times as good as you can imagine.
  • Dad, wherever you are, you are gone but you will never be forgotten.
  • Being a father has been, without a doubt, my greatest source of achievement, pride, and inspiration. Fatherhood has taught me about unconditional love, reinforced the importance of giving back and taught me how to be a better person.
  • One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.
  • It is a wise father that knows his own child.

Father’s Day Quotes from Wife

  • A real man loves his wife and places his family as the most important thing in life. Nothing has brought me more peace and content in life than simply being a good husband and father.
  • I think my mom put it best. She said, ‘Little girls soften their daddy’s hearts.’

    Father’s Day Quotes from Wife

  • I would want my legacy to be that I was a great son, father, and friend.
  • Becoming a dad means you have to be a role model for your son and be someone he can look up to.
  • My dad was my best friend and greatest role model. He was an amazing dad, coach, mentor, soldier, husband, and friend.

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Funny Father’s Day Quotes

  • You don’t have to deserve your mother’s love. You have to deserve your father’s.
  • Without my dad, I wouldn’t be here.
  • It doesn’t matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was.
  • I would say my greatest achievement in life right now – my greatest achievement period is – and I’m still trying to achieve it – is to be a wonderful father to my kids.
  • I want to congratulate all the men out there who are working diligently to be good fathers whether they are stepfathers, or biological fathers or just spiritual fathers.
  • I am not ashamed to say that no man I ever met was my father’s equal, and I never loved any other man as much.

Father’s Day Inspirational Quotes

  • My dad’s my best mate, and he always will be.
  • My father used to say that it’s never too late to do anything you wanted to do. And he said, ‘You never know what you can accomplish until you try.’
  • To me, having kids is the ultimate job in life. I want to be most successful at being a good father.
  • Son, brother, father, lover, friend. There is room in the heart for all the affections, as there is room in heaven for all the stars.
  • I have a Father’s Day every day.
  • A good father believes that he does wisely to encourage enterprise, productive skill, prudent self-denial, and judicious expenditure on the part of his son.

Father’s Day Quotes from Son

  • Fatherhood is the best thing that could happen to me, and I’m just glad I can share my voice.
  • My dad’s not here, but he’s watching in heaven.
  • When it comes to Father’s Day, I will remember my dad for both being there to nurture me and also for the times he gave me on my own to cultivate my own interests and to nurture my own spirit.
  • Our dad was a great guy and we will never forget him.
  • We looked up to our father. He still is much greater than us.
  • I mean, I look at my dad. He was twenty when he started having a family, and he was always the coolest dad. He did everything for his kids, and he never made us feel like he was pressured. I know that it must be a great feeling to be a guy like that.
  • We should all aspire in life to do a multitude of things well – to be a great father, to be a good husband, to be a good lover, you know, to try to do things the best you can is very important to me.
  • My father always used to say that when you die, if you’ve got five real friends, then you’ve had a great life.

Best Father’s Day Quotes

  • I wasn’t anything special as a father. But I loved them and they knew it.
  • Being a father helps me be more responsible… you see more things than you’ve ever seen.
  • Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.
  • Father’s Day is hopefully a time when the culture says, ‘This is our moment to look at who our men and boys are.’
  • In our house, Mother’s Day is every day. Father’s Day, too. In our house, parents count.
  • They do important work and that work matters. One day just doesn’t cut for us.
  • I’m always going to love my father.
  • I’m a father; that’s what matters most. Nothing matters more.
  • The best thing about being a dad? Well, I think it’s just the thing that every man wants – to have a son and heir.
  • I can definitely say the older I’ve got the better I’ve become at being a dad and a husband.
  • I’m a good dad; I spend a lot of time with my kids.
  • The number one thing I’ve been doing is being a daddy.
  • I decided in my life that I would do nothing that did not reflect positively on my father’s life.
  • I admire my father greatly.
  • I was raised by my father; I was daddy’s girl.
  • This is the price you pay for having a great father. You get the wonder, the joy, the tender moments – and you get the tears at the end, too.
  • My role model is my dad.
  • My Dad is my hero.
  • To be as good as our fathers we must be better, imitation is not discipleship.
  • Dad taught me everything I know. Unfortunately, he didn’t teach me everything he knows.
  • I’m a strong person, I’m a strong family man, I’m a strong husband and a strong father.
  • I imagine God to be like my father. My father was always the voice of certainty in my life.
  • Certainty in the wisdom, certainty in the path, certainty always in God. For me, God is certainty in everything. The certainty that everything is good and everything is God.
  • It’s an ongoing joy being a dad.
  • Man becomes man only by his intelligence, but he is man only by his heart.

Happy Fathers Day Images 2020

Here are some beautiful and unique Happy Fathers Day Images 2020 :

Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020
Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020
Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020
Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020
Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020
Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020
Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020

Fathers Day Wallpapers 2020


Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020
Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Unique Fathers Day Gifts | Gifts Ideas For fathers day | Gifts For Fathers We all know that dads are impractical to shop for, so we did the hard work for you and collect up some best of the best gift ideas for the Happy Fathers Day 2020. Fathers day gift ideas are officially that time of the year on which we can pay some tribute to the men who made our life so easy and gave a smile on our faces working the whole of the life just to make us feel happy. So you may take gifts and gift ideas on this Fathers Day from our elastic list of presents and gifts for Fathers to make them happy on this Fathers day. The fathers day is coming near.

So Happy Fathers Day in between June 16, which is a right corner so very less time is left to get prepared for the dad’s gift to make him feel happy on this fathers day 2020 and make this moment memorable for him. Happy fathers day gift ideas 2020, the list of gifts we are presenting the most popular gifts for your dad to make the moment memorable on this great day of his life. So on the occasion of Fathers Day celebrate this occasion by sending some best Fathers Day gifts. If you are searching for some images SMS and quotes regarding Fathers day so u are on the right Place. Here we Provide some best  Images, SMS, wishes, wallpapers, pictures, Greeting Cards, Gifts Ideas, WhatsApp Dp, Quotes and Fathers day Songs, etc and many more, So come Here and grab some best of the best.

Happy Fathers Day Poems 2020


  • “The depth of a father’s love shows in his daughter’s eyes/What’s known is what’s shown from sunset to sunrise/A foundation built on more than just what is spoken/It’s commitments kept and promises that go unbroken/An emotion so immense that nothing in this world can erase/The permanent impression of love is tattooed upon her face/A relation so peculiar that only the two can understand/Yet so immaculate it’s obvious that, by God, it was planned.”
  • “Fatherly love brings wealth to living/Remembering this we go forth in giving/Fathers young, fathers old/We remember you all/As life unfolds.”
  • “Father means so many things/An understanding heart/A source of strength and of support/Right from the very start./A constant readiness to help/In a kind and thoughtful way./With encouragement and forgiveness/No matter what comes your way./A a special generosity and always affection, too/A Father means so many things/When he’s a man like you ..” A Father means A Father means so many things… An understanding heart, A source of strength and support right from the very start. A constant readiness to help In a kind and thoughtful way. With encouragement and forgiveness, No matter what comes your way. A special generosity and always affection, too. A father means so many things when he’s a man like you…. Unknown 
  • What is a Dad? A dad is someone who Wants to catch you before you fall But instead picks you up, Brushes you off, And lets you try again. A dad is someone who Wants to keep you from making mistakes But instead lets you find your own way, Even though his hearts breaks in silence When you get hurt. A dad is someone who Holds you when you cry, Scolds you when you break the rules, Shines with pride when you succeed, and Has faith in you even when you fail.
  • Did I ever say thanks Did I ever say thanks for all the toys you mended, games we played, outings to the park, and the way you always tried to cheer me when I was down? Did I ever say thanks for the sacrifices you made so I could be involved in so many enriching activities? Did I ever say thanks for working so hard to provide for our family? Did I ever say thanks for having such faith in me and always being there when I needed you? Most of all, Did I ever say thanks for caring? DAD, I LOVE YOU UNKNOWN 
  • And only God knew why A million times I needed you, A million times I cried If Love alone could have saved you, You never would have died In Life I loved you dearly In death I love you still In my heart you hold a place, That no one could ever fill It broke my heart to lose you, But you didn’t go alone For part of me went with you, The day God took you home. Author Unknown 
  • My Dad and I My dad and I-we think alike, He knows just what I mean Before I even say a word He reads, well, in between.My dad and I-we like to fish Or build a model plane,Or fix a broken chair or two Or just a windowpane.My dad and I-we know the score Of every single game; Sometimes he’s really busy, too But he takes me just the same.My dad and I-we go swimming too, Each year and sometimes twice. My dad and I-we do everything; My dad-he’s really nice. Phyllis C. Michael
  • Be Kind To Thy Father Be kind to thy father, for when thou wert young, Who loved thee so fondly as he? He caught the first accents that fell from thy tongue, And joined in thy innocent glee. Author Unknown

  • A Little Girl Needs Daddy A little girl needs Daddy For many, many things: Like holding her high off the ground Where the sunlight sings! Like being the deep music That tells her all is right When she awakens frantic with The terrors of the night. Like being the great mountain That rises in her heart And shows her how she might get home When all else falls apart. Like giving her the love That is her sea and air, So diving deep or soaring high She’ll always find him there. Author Unknown

  • Parent’s Murphy’s Law 1. Parenting is a 24-hour-a-day job with no salary, no raises, no promotions and very few vacations. 2. Parents are responsible for everything that happens to their children. 3. Guilt and self-blame are occupational hazards. 4. Parents don’t get worker’s compensation or any other fringe benefits. 5. Parents can never retire — even when their kids ask them to. 6. Parents “don’t get no respect” –until they die–and then it’s too late. Bruce Lanksy

  • Happy Fathers Day Happy Fathers Day Happy Fathers day means more than have a happy day It means i love you first of all Then thanks for all you do It means you mean a lot to me and that I honor you.

  • Daddy, I Love You Daddy, I love you For all that you do. I’ll kiss you and hug you ‘Cause you love me, too.

  • You feed me and need me To teach you to play, So smile ’cause I love you On this Father’s Day. Author Unknown 

Happy Father’s Day 2020 Greetings

    • It is easier 4 a faDr
      2 have children than
      4 children 2 have a real faDr. I’m glad 2 have u dad.
      HAPPY FADRS DAY 2020

    • If D relationship of
      faDr 2 son could
      really be reduced 2 biology,
      D whole earth would blaze
      wid D glory of faDrs nd sons. Happy faDr’s day2020

    • Happy FaDrs Day means I Thank U I Love U U r d best dad & my best friend 2day is ur day Lets celebrate it 2geDr
      Happy FaDr’s Day! 2020

    • He didn’t tell me how 2 live; He lived, nd let me watch him do it.
      Happy FaDr’s Day! 2020

    • I wish u all D best in life nd long life. U r D reason i’m here nd everything what i am. Thank u 4 what u done 4 me.
      Happy faDr’s day 2020

    • Dad, u’re someone 2 look up 2 no matter how tall i’ve grown.
      Happy faDr’s day 2020

    • U know, faDrs just have a way of putting everything 2geDr.
      Happy faDr’s day 2020

    • I know just D person who needs 101 Ways 2 B a Great Dad. Don’t Worry it is nt u! Happy FaDrs’Day! 2020

    • Thanks 4 being Dre through D Tears,laughter nd Dirty diapers.
      Happy FaDr’s Day! 2020

    • 4 thousnds of years,
      FaDr nd son have stretched wistful hnds across D canyon of time,
      Each eager 2 help D oDr 2 his side,
      But neiDr quite able 2 desert D loyalties of his contemporaries.
      D relationship is alwz changing nd hence alwz fragile;
      Nothing endures except D sense of difference. happy faDr’s day 2020

    • My faDr alwz used 2 say dat wen u die, If u’ve got five real friends, u’ve had a great life. happy faDr’s day 2020

    • Little girl & her faDr crossing a bridge.
      FaDr Said: Plz hold my hnd
      Girl: No dad.. U hold my hnd.
      FaDr: Whats D difference?
      Girl: If I hold ur hnd & something happens 2 me.
      Chances are dat I may let ur hnd go,
      But if u hold my hnd,
      I know 4 sure,
      U will nvr let my hnd go..! happy faDr’s day 2020

    • How true Daddy’s words were wen he said:
      “All children must look after Dir own upbringing.”
      Parents can only give good advice or put Dm on D right paths,
      But D final 4ming of a person’s chracter lies in Dir own hnd happy faDr’s day 2020

    • Happy, Happy Happy FaDr’s Day!
      No one has a faDr so sweet
      Ur kind ways just can’t be beat
      Happy Happy Happy FaDr’s Day
      I love u in a big big way! happy faDr’s day 2020

    • Daddy, I love u so,
      U are my inspiration,
      U are a picture of strength nd serenity,
      Nd I shall love u till eternity!
      Happy FaDrs Day 2020

Father’s Day Greetings

    • It’s only wen u grow up,
      Nd step back from him,
      Or leave him 4 ur own career nd
      Ur own home—it’s only Dn dat
      U can measure his greatness nd
      Fully appreciate it. Pride rein4ces love. happy faDr’s day 2020

    • U’ve seen me laugh U’ve seen me cry Nd alwz u were Dre 4 me I may not hv alwz said it But, 2day is d day 2 say it loud ‘I Love U Dad’ Happy FaDr’s Day!2020

    • D greatest gift I ever had Came from God; I call him Dad!
      Happy FaDr’s Day!2020

    • Be kind 2 D faDr, 4 wen Dy were ung, Who loved Dse so fondly as he? He caught D first accents dat
      fell from D 2ngue, Nd joined in D innocent glee. happy faDr’s day 2020

    • Papa hai mohabbat ka naam, Papa ko hazaron salaam, Kar de fida zindagi, Aaye joh bachhon ke kaam HAPPYFADRS DAY 2020

    • Nind apni bhula ke sulaya hmko,
      Aansu apne gira ke hasaya hmko,
      Dard kabhi na dena uss khuda ki tasvir ko,
      Zamana ma-bap kehta hai jinko… happy faDr’s day 2020

    • Mere Khuda tera shukriya,
      Mere Khuda tera karam,
      Mere Abbu ki mohabbat ki mohabbat sabse badi..
      Yahi dua k rahe uska sada mujhpe reham! happy faDr’s day 2020

    • jinki ungli tham k chalna shika hai
      jaana hr mushkil se bahr nikalna
      ek din unke naam,apne pyare papa ko hamara salaam
      happy faDr’s day. 2020

    • Daddy no one can decribe
      in words what a faDr means.
      Happy faDrs day daddy,
      Nd remember i love u happy faDr’s day 2020

    • Pay My Regards 2 Ur FaDr
      Who Is 2lerating Such A Dumb Duffer Child,
      What A Stamina He Has Got..
      I Salute Ur FaDr:p
      Happy FaDr’s day. 2020

    • Love matches, so called, have illusion 4 Dir faDr nd need 4 Dir moDr. happy faDr’s day 2020

    • F= 4ever Wid His Family
      A= Alwz Dre 4 U No Matter What
      T= D Only One Who’s Dre
      H= He’s My Hero Till D End
      E= Encouraging In Everything I Do
      R= Really D Only One…
      No One Can Beat Him He’s D Best!!! happy faDr’s day 2020

    • If D relationship Of faDr 2 son Could really be reduced 2 biology, D whole earth would blaze Wid D glory of faDrs nd sons.
      Happy FaDr’s Day.2020

    • FaDrs Are One Incredible Creature,
      D Bond Sons Nd Daughter Shre Wid Dm Is Impeccable,
      Dear FaDr, Why Do I Feel Dat U’re My Best Friend,
      U’re Not Stiff Nd Strict, Nd We Just Pretend,
      Dis Hmble Nature Of Urs, Is Simply Amazing,
      We’re Best Friends 2o, Nd Dat Simply Amazes Me,
      I Would Alwz Shre D Obstacles Of My Life,
      Wid U, Nd Grow Up According 2 D Plan. happy faDr’s day 2020

    • Dear FaDr – 4 Some,
      FaDr Is Dir Best Friend,
      4 ODrs FaDr Is Dir Buddy.
      4 Me My FaDr Is D Silver
      Lining In My Depression,
      Whom I Call,
      Wid Great Respect Nd Affection
      ‘DADDY ‘!Happy FaDrs Day 2020

    • I Have Seen Several FaDrs
      As I Travel Places
      But One Thing Is Clear,
      U Are Simply D Best.
      Every Reasonable Child
      Will Want U 2 Be His FaDr Happy FaDrs Day 2020

Father’s Day Poem to Celebrate Father’s Day

Poems can be treated as a metrical way of professing one’s emotions. Thus dedicating a poem to your father in order to express your profound love can be a better option on this Father’s day. Check out the collection of Father’s day themed poems enlisted below and feel free to dedicate those to your beloved father as well to the father figures present in your life. And if you like the collection, make sure you refer this page to your friends as well so that they can do the same and as well dedicate the poems to their respective fathers as well.

Here is a unique and beautiful collection of heart touching Father’s Day Poems. Pick up one Father’s Day Poem which is closest to your heart and read it aloud to your Dad. Another great idea would be to quote these sentimental Father Day Poem on the Fathers Day Card you got for him. You may also express your love and gratitude to your grandfather, uncle or a person who is like your father by quoting these poems on their cards. The idea behind these cute and some funny Poem for Father’s Day is to say Thanks to your Father for all his care, sacrifices and affection for you.

Father’s Day In Heaven

I love you and I miss you, Dad,
and though you’ve passed away,
you’ll never be forgotten,
for I think of you each day.
If heaven celebrates this day
how special it will be.
A gathering of the many dads
upon our family tree.
Your father and grandfather
and great grandfather too.
How wonderful it is, if they
can spend this day with you.
By Ron Tranmer May you know how much I love you
though I’m here and you are there.
Happy Father’s Day in heaven
to the best dad anywhere!
~ By Ron Tranmer

Happy Father’s Day

A Dad is a person
who is loving and kind,
And often he knows
what you have on your mind.
He’s someone who listens,
suggests, and defends.
A dad can be one of your very best friends!
He’s proud of your triumphs,
but when things go wrong,
A dad can be patient
and helpful and strong
In all that you do,
a dad’s love plays a part.
There’s always a place for him
deep in your heart.
And each year that passes,
you’re even more glad,
More grateful and proud
just to call him your dad!
Thank you, Dad…
for listening and caring,
for giving and sharing,
but, especially, for just being you!
Happy Father’s Day.

What Makes a Dad
God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle’s flight,
The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need,
Then God combined these qualities,
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew His masterpiece was complete,
And so, He called it … Dad

Happy Fathers Day Cards 2020

Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020
Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020
Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020
Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020
Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020
Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020
Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020
Fathers Day 2019
Fathers Day 2020


Father’s Day is a day to honor all the fathers for everything they did for their children. This is an occasion to express gratitude towards your dad for all his love and support. Instead, he picks you up after you fall, and allows you to try all over again. Yes, there is no doubt about the fact that a dad is indeed a gift from God Himself. WE WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.