As fathers and sons, we all wish to do something special for father’s day. As times change and society advances so do the way we celebrate Father’s Day. Some customs change, but the sentiment stays the same – to demonstrate our love and make this day special for our fathers.

At its heart, Fathers Day is about a family with a focus on dad. It should not be about expensive gifts but rather family values and a recognition of Dad’s contribution to the family.

From a personal point of view, it’s about Dad’s relationship with you, his son or daughter. This is a day to say thanks with little things like hand made crafts, a handwritten Fathers Day card, a photo album or something else personal. Breakfast in bed, a nice gift, and a lovely Fathers Day dinner are also welcome but not the main reason or message behind Fathers Day.

Throughout history, we see the roles that father’s play in the family change. The stereotype father is the one who has been out working all day to provide all necessities for their family. Times have however changed and not all fathers work. Many have taken the responsibility of raising the children while the mother works.

In this world we only have the opportunity to have one father and that alone shows us how important celebrating his fatherhood is. As with any other job done we all like to feel appreciated from time to time and the job of being a father is no exception. He has been there all through your life helping you along the way.

Whatever the situation, Fathers Day is about honoring Dad, for all that he has given and continued to contribute to the family. Fathers Day 2019 is all about Dads and Grandads. This site is dedicated to bringing you fresh ideas for activities and gifts to make Fathers Day 20199 special.